Todd Clare




Todd Clare is an Australian photographic artist who was raised in Yamba, a small town on Australia’s east coast. It was here he developed a love for nature and an interest in the creative arts. After studying graphic design, Todd moved to Sydney where he worked in men’s fashion as an art director; a jack-of-all-trades position that allowed him to hone his skills in fine art photography.

Eventually, Todd felt a need to escape city life and re-enrolled in art school. This decision had a profound impact, allowing him to develop a higher appreciation for colour, composition and subject matter. He discovered the analogy of forms found in the natural world and abstract expressionism. In abstract art, marks and gestures are explored over and over, and from his experience, the ones that resonate happen in flow—in the moment. Mother Nature doesn’t think twice about mark making—this is what he seeks to capture.

His work explores tight compositions and deeply layered scenes. As a result, the final images—often capturing the transitional areas between environments—are imbued with mystery and a sense of the abstract.


1% For The Planet

Todd’s projects are driven by his need for exploration and a desire to capture real moments of connection with nature. He shoots diverse locations around the world that are rich with life and feels it is important to share these moments of connectivity. In a world that is so volatile and under threat, Todd believes images can encourage a greater awareness of the Earth’s fragility.

1% of sales are donated to 1% For The Planet
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